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Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference

67th Annual Conference & Trade Show

July 23 - 26, 2017

“We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 conference in Ashville, North Carolina. More information coming soon!” 

State Directors and State Transportation Leaders,

Following the conclusion of the 2015 conference in Arlington Texas, the Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference board of directors announced its plans to hold a joint conference with the West Virginia Association for Pupil Transportation in 2016. The conference will be held in West Virginia’s capital city at the Marriott Hotel and Charleston Civic Center in downtown Charleston. The conference begins on Sunday, July 9 and concludes Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

In conjunction with the 2016 conference, the board says that it will host a Southeastern regional transportation issues forum for state directors and state association leaders (two per state). The moderated forum will provide an opportunity for leaders in the fourteen member states to discuss some of the most relevant issues facing pupil transportation today, including occupant protection; driver licensing/hiring/retention; and, many more important topics.

Information sharing among the key players in our industry will be the key to success at next year’s conference. State Directors and State Leaders, we need all of you there as well as the people in your state that are involved in transporting students. Everyone has seen something or done something in the profession that works in making it safer for students. These are the ideas and solutions we need to be sharing with each other. The thing I have learned in this profession is that it is not about getting credit for something, but it is about keeping students safe. If someone has special knowledge that increases the safety of our students, then we need to share it with all who will listen. Please plan on attending this event, because the information you have to offer will make a positive difference in this profession.

I challenge every transportation leader in each of the 14 states to seek out the needs of our profession that will make us better at what we do throughout the year. I realize we offer the safest form of transportation in the world, but if we are not progressing forward, then we are backing up. Our goal as transportation professionals should be to improve daily to make it safer for the students we transport. The world is changing daily; so must we. 

Please send ideas, suggestions, topics, or whatever you feel we can do to make this national transportation conference the conference that aids in making it safer for all students across the nation.  Send your thoughts to tfarmer@bryantschools.org or call me at 501-416-8231.

Tom Farmer

SESPTC President